The Team:
Mike Pattik - guitars, vocals
Roger Robinson - guitars, bass, vocals
Rev. Richard Mickolwin - vocals, guitar, percussion, M/C
Rev. Robert Spencer - vocals, percussion
Rev. Wayne Flonders - bass, guitar, worship leader, preacher

Rev. David Potvin - guitar, bass, vocals
Rev. Chris Lowes - bass
Dr. Mike Nixon - guitar, vocals
Rick Gullion - bass

Les Brown - Red Rain drummer
Steve Hogen - Followers Mission drummer
Our History:
The StreetBand has its roots in the Teen Challenge Choir, a ministry
team that many Teen Challenge Centres world-wide have. Team
members served on choirs at National Training Centres in Canada
(London ON), and the USA (Rehrersburg PA). Their work on these
choirs ranged from musicians to sound engineers to choir singers to
bus drivers to choir directors. While ministering with these choirs
these men had the opportunity to minister in churches, schools,
prisons, and on the streets all across Canada, the United States, and
Great Britain, working with Wales UK Teen Challenge.
StreetBand itself was birthed in 1999. The Teen Challenge
ministry in London ON began an evangelism department to disciple the
men in the program in evangelism and to share the gospel on the
streets, in prisons, in street missions, and with youth. One of the
teams that was developed was the
StreetBand. While the evangelism
department was operational from 1999 to 2001, the
discipled men in the program and ministered the gospel regularly in
London, Kitchener, and Toronto.
In 2004 Teen Challenge opened an office in Toronto ON and called
StreetBand back into service to minister in the GTA. The
StreetBand has been ministering on the streets, in jails, and in street
missions in and around Ontario ever since!  
A Testimony:
The StreetBand is a living example of 2 Timothy 2:2: "And the things
that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to
faithful men who will be able to teach others also."
Mike Pattik was
discipled at Teen Challenge in 1980. When Roger went through the
program in the 1986, Mike was on staff and helped disciple him.
When Wayne went through the program in 1990, Roger was on staff
and helped disciple him. When Richard went through the program in
1997, Wayne was on staff and helped disciple him.
Contact Info:
Wayne Flonders
Our Background:
- Team members include former crack addicts, heroin addicts,
speeders, and guys who drank a lot of alcohol and smoked a lot of pot
- Many of the team spent time in prison, were homeless, and some
spent time in mental institutions
- Most of the team were discipled through the ministry of Teen
Challenge and spent time working for that ministry
- Most of the
StreetBand ministered with the Teen Challenge Choir
under the direction of Bernie and Cathy Gillott, who they hold
responsible for discipling them to minister the gospel on the streets
and in prisons and missions
Our Music:
- StreetBand music includes original songs as well as covers of
Christian songs from artists
Larry Norman, Bob Dylan, Nancy
Honeytree, Margaret Becker, Gary Shelton, Johnny Cash, and the
legendary Billy Romanski, as well as songs written by Teen Challenge
students and staff including Mike Pattik,
Tim Dana, Dave Torre, and
Bernie Gillott
- The StreetBand also is known to play secular rock and roll songs
with themes that can used to bridge secular culture to the gospel
- The
StreetBand is more at home leading worship than it is playing
rock and roll and all team members regularly minister in worship
Mission Statement:
To go to those we once were, alcoholics, addicts, those in prison, the
mentally ill, and tell them the great things God has done in our lives
and that there is a way out: Jesus! (Luke 8:36, John 14:6)