We need an abortion law in
Canada - Now!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I
appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”
                                                          (Jeremiah 1:5 – NKJV)
Canada has no abortion law. Women in Canada can get an abortion at any stage
of pregnancy up to and including, technically speaking, the day of delivery.

Our statistics are very sobering:

  • 24,000 abortions a year
  • One in four women will have an abortion
  • 23% of all conceptions end in abortion

Is there a problem with this?

There is a sizable part of our population who believe that human life is sacred right
from the time of conception. They believe that what makes us human, our soul and
spirit as opposed to our bodies, starts at conception. As such they believe that to
kill a developing baby in the womb, even on the day of conception, is to kill a
human being.

This is true, there is a sizable part of our population who believe this. Some
believe it due to religious convictions, others because it simply makes sense to
them, and some believe it for both of these reasons.

For these people our abortion record is a problem.

For them, thousands of unborn babies in Canada and millions of unborn babies
world-wide, unborn babies who in their eyes are true human beings, are being
killed every year. In their eyes, it is a genocide, permissible because they live in a
womb with developing bodies, unable to prove that they are “human”.

It also can be a problem for women who have abortions who later feel guilt and
remorse and shame, which happens to many.

And of course, it is a problem for the developing babies in the womb. Those who
are not aborted typically grow up to become fully developed human beings just like
you are or I. When they are aborted however they lose that opportunity. They
never get to become children and laugh and play, and they never get to become
adults and get jobs and get married and have kids and love and be loved. All of
that is taken away from them. They don’t even get to have names or get
remembered. Instead they get disposed of as if they were trash. If an unborn baby
wants to grow up and become a fully developed human being, abortion is a BIG
problem for them.

The bottomline is to many people, abortion is a problem.

So why don’t we have any laws regarding abortion?

It is of course because many people want to abort pregnancies. For a variety of
reasons from simple inconvenience, to financial reasons, to emotional issues
(such as due to conceptions through rape), to legitimate health issues, people
have real reasons for wanting to abort a pregnancy.

Those who believe in abortion claim that a woman has the right to have control
over her own body including the right to terminate a pregnancy. To them, an
abortion, particularly early on, is not killing a human being, it is getting rid of
growing flesh inside of their womb. They don’t believe that a developing baby is a
human being with a human soul and spirit.

So we have a disagreement.

Part of the population see abortion as the right of a woman to control what
happens to her body, a termination of a pregnancy, and getting rid of growing
flesh, while the other part sees it as the killing of a human being, albeit an unborn
one being developed in the womb.

This is real and it is heavy.

The only problem is however is currently the abortionists have all of the legal
rights since there are no laws relating to abortion in Canada.

For those of us who are anti-abortionists, this is a nightmare. In our eyes, we are
literally watching a genocide of unborn human beings taking place, one that is fully
funded by our own tax dollars.

It is a true horror for us, one that many of us feel helpless to do anything about.

We of course need to do something, and of course we are. There are many
people doing many things in the cause of saving the unborn in our land, but right
now we are facing a losing battle. 23% of all conceptions ending in abortion is not
winning. It is losing and losing BIG.

I believe we need representation in the law of the land. Having a law that stands
against abortion, even partly, will save many unborn babies.

We may not be able to save them all, but we need to save some.

Are we going to be able to get a law that outlaws abortion completely?

Barring a miracle, I don’t believe that it will never happen. The problem is there are
too many people who see abortion as the right of a woman to control what
happens to her body, a termination of a pregnancy, and getting rid of growing
flesh, and we cannot prove to them that the growing flesh is a human being with a
human soul and spirit.

We believe it by faith and by manner of reason but we cannot prove it.

As such, barring a miracle, we will not be able to get a law to stop the killing of
developing babies while they physically are nothing more that growing flesh.

What we can do however is fight for a law to protect those unborn babies in the
womb who are “viable”, developed sufficiently to live outside of the womb. An
unborn baby, as early as 20 weeks from conception, can live outside of the womb.
If you take it out of the womb, it will be declared an infant human being and given
all of the rights of a human being in Canada. This includes protection against
killing it, an act under the law that is subject to a life sentence. However if you kill it
in the womb it is an act of abortion, something you can do legally.

This is an insane.

There is no difference in the baby physically, mentally, and emotionally whether it
is inside or outside of the womb, but because of the law, when it is inside the womb
you can kill it with impunity, while when it is outside it is classified as an act of

Let me share exactly how insane it is.

Suppose a woman is pregnant with identical twins. The first twin is born, the
second twin is still in the womb. At the exact time when the one twin is outside of
the womb and the other twin is inside of the womb, there is truly no difference
between the babies physically, mentally, and emotionally. Science states this as
does reason.

According to the law of the land however, only the born twin is a human being,
deserving all the protection afforded a human being. If the mother were to kill it
she would be charged with murder and looked upon as if she were a despicable
person. Alternatively, according to the law of the land, the unborn twin is not a
human being. Therefore if the mother so chooses, she can have it aborted. In that
case the unborn twin would have all the rights of a housefly, and its carcass would
be thrown into the trash. The mother would not be charged with murder at all,
instead she would be looked upon as a person simply expressing her freedom to
choose what happens to her body.

Truly this is insane.

Science and reason plainly show they are the same. If one is human, the other is
human. Canadian law however says different. It says one is human and the other
is less than human, able to be freely killed if the mother so wills.

The bottomline is we need to protect these viable, developed babies in the womb.

What we need is a law to protect them and I think we can get it if we fight for it. Not
on the grounds of faith, which doesn’t hold a lot of weight with legislators and in
the courts, but on the grounds of reason and plain scientific fact, specifically the
scientific facts that they are no different from babies living outside of the womb,
and the fact that they are intelligent, able to distinguish their parent’s voices right
from the womb.

Is there a problem with this plan?

Anti-abortionists will say that it doesn’t go far enough, that we need to protect them

Obviously I agree, however right now we are not protecting any – all unborn
babies can be legally killed in Canada.

So we have to at least start by saving some.

Is this reasonable?

Let me ask you this. On 9/11 when the Twin Towers were hit, everyone on the
floors above where the planes hit were beyond saving. No could get to them to
rescue them. Should the firemen have said, “Unless we save them all, we are not
saving any”? Of course not. They tried saving everyone they could.

We need to try to save everyone we can.

Right now, I believe we can fight for and get a law in place that protects viable,
developed unborn babies in the womb. We need to get that law and at least
protect some of them.

This is reasonable.

In fact, with this law we will only be saving approximately 6% since 94% of reported
abortions in Canada take place within 20 weeks after conception, but it is a start
and we have to start somewhere.

I believe that this is the place to start.

Let me share my reasoning.

If we bring in a law that affirms the sanctity of viable, developed babies in the
womb, it will change the attitude of Canadians towards to the unborn.

Currently Canadians have a very hypocritical attitude toward the unborn.

If a pregnant woman wants to have her child, we consider the unborn developing
baby an unborn human being worthy of great care and protection. We celebrate
their coming, we do ultra-sounds to track their progress, we talk about them as if
they are real babies when they move and kick inside the womb, we sense they are
intelligent and that we can affect them emotionally while they are in the womb, and
we teach that expectant mothers should not smoke or drink as it can harm the
baby and we look down upon women who do. And if someone were to harm the
unborn baby, such as by punching the mother in the stomach, they would be
charged with the crime of assault against both the woman and the unborn baby
and the person would be looked upon by society as an abhorrent person.

However if a pregnant woman doesn’t want the child, all of a sudden it is a
meaningless lump of growing flesh. It is not human at all in the least and it has less
rights than animals, in fact about as much rights as a house fly. You can freely kill
it up to and including by puncturing the base of its skull and suctioning out its
brain, something that happens in the partial birth abortion procedure of viable

That is the attitude of Canadians toward the unborn. If they are wanted they are
celebrated and greatly cared for and protected but if they are unwanted they are
treated the same as troublesome bugs.

Why are we like this?

I believe the fact that the law of the land states that they are not human until they
are born is a key factor. Since the law says they are not human, we consider them
and subsequently treat them as if they are not human – unless they are wanted.

However if we get a law in place that states that viable developed babies are
human and that to kill them is to kill a human being and the crime of murder, I
believe that this will change attitudes of how Canadians see the unborn whether
they are wanted or not.

Will this do any good?

I see four good things that can come of it.

First, we are going to protect all viable developed babies in the womb.

Second, I believe that many Canadians will have a change of attitude and start
seeing the unborn as being human and subsequently worthy of protection.

Third, I think that a lot of women will think twice about considering the growing lump
of flesh in their wombs as simply a growing lump of flesh and will start seeing it as
a human being, even their child, regardless of whether it is a viable baby or not.

Fourth, I think that as attitudes change, we may even be able to push for a law that
stops abortions of developing babies with beating hearts, something that starts
happening five to six weeks after conception.

Personally I would love to see a law that says you cannot stop a beating heart.

Can we outlaw abortion completely? I don’t think so. Can we dramatically reduce
it? I think we can. And I think that getting a law in place that affirms the sanctity of
viable developed babies in the womb, affirms that they are human, and protects
them from being killed is the place to start.

Will it be a fight? Of course it will be a fight. But I think it is a fight we can win. After
all, both science and reason support our belief that physically, mentally, and
emotionally viable developed babies in the womb are no different than living
babies outside of the womb.

If you say one is human, worthy of protection, you have to say the other is human,
worthy of protection.

This is my layman’s opinion.
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