Wayne is passionate for the Great Commission. He believes it is the church’s mission from God
and the most important work in the world, a work that ministers God’s salvation to the world, a
work worthy of us laying down our lives for. He personally wants everyone in the world to know
the gospel and he wants every believer to have the opportunity to be discipled to a biblical level.
His vision is to see the Great Commission ministered and fulfilled world-wide by starting a church
in every community of the world that fulfils the Great Commission in their community. He is
currently working on starting a church to do exactly this called “The Biblical Church”.

Wayne also currently serves as a street-level minister and a parachurch ministry worker, serving
full-time with a Teen Challenge ministry in London, Canada, which he has done since 1991. He
regularly ministers the gospel and the word of God to addicts, alcoholics, prisoners, and to the
homeless including with Teen Challenge, at the Followers Mission street church in Toronto, and
with the musical group the StreetBand in street missions and prisons around Ontario.

Wayne is ordained with and serves as an area representative for Global Christian Ministry
Forum of Canada. He also holds an Associate of Religious Studies degree from Global
University, an international correspondence Bible School for missionaries.