Should this be legal – really?!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I
ordained you a prophet to the nations.”
                                                   (Jeremiah 1:5 – NKJV)
Do you see this baby?
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It is Prince Louis, William and Kate’s third child.

When this picture was taken he was exactly seven hours old.

Let me ask you a question.

If, and God forbid, someone took that baby out of Kate’s arms and killed it, what
would you call that person?

Is it not true that that person would properly be called both sick and evil?

Without question, any person who would harm such an innocent human life would
be sick and evil.

Now let me ask you another question.

Do you know that exactly eight hours before this picture was taken, that in Canada
where there are no legal restrictions on abortion, that it was completely legal to kill
Prince Louis?

Eight hours before this picture was taken Prince Louis was exactly the same being
mentally and physically that he was in this picture.

The only difference was he was inside Kate’s body rather than her arms, officially
classified as a fetus rather than a human being. And if at that time, for any reason
or none at all, Kate decided she didn’t want to give birth to Prince Louis, legally in
Canada where we have no abortion laws and which pro-abortionists vehemently
fight against, he could have been killed.

To my judgement that is equally as sick and evil, just as sick and evil as doing it
eight hours later would be.

If you are pro-abortion in Canada, you support abortion at all stages, including the
day of a child’s birth.

No offence, but you are sick and evil.

There is no other way to say it.