Birth: May 14, 1964 in Saint Catharines, Ontario

Hometown: London, Ontario

Ethnic Background: Fourth generation Ukrainian Canadian

Occupation: Christian minister

Religion: A believer in Jesus, that He is the Christ, the Son
of the Living God!

Favourite Food: Ukrainian

Favourite Books: The Bible, The Cost Of Discipleship

Favourite Music: Vineyard worship

Favourite TV Shows: CBC National News, Hockey Night In

Favourite Web-sites:,,

Favourite Movies: The Good The Bad The Ugly,
Schindler’s List

Favourite Places To Visit: Northern Ontario (Timmins and
its 500 lakes!, Muskoka), Montreal and Quebec City,
London UK!

Recreational Interests: Golf, Fishing, The beach,
Travelling, Rollarblading, Snowboarding, Street busking,
Recreational boxing, Outdoor ice hockey!

Entertainment interests: Boxing, London Knights,
NASCAR, Football, PGA, Figure skating, Well made movies,
Live concerts, Hanging out with friends over a good meal,
NHL/Maple Leafs (please don’t laugh, they’ve been my team
since 1971, I’ve been through enough!)

People Most Admired: Jesus, The apostle Paul, Ezra the
priest, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Joan of Arc

Passions: Relationship with the Holy Spirit, The Bible, The
Great Commission

Life Bible Verse: John 17:3 – “This is eternal life, that they
may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom
You have sent.”